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Makla Morrocan Restaurant


Makla, a local, independent, family-run restaurant, was born from our profound love for food.


We initially embarked on our culinary journey through street food, trading as Aladdin’s street food in major events and festivals across the south. From Camp Bestival to Isle of Wight and Shake & Stir to Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival, our journey led us here to Southbourne, where the local community welcomed us with open arms.


Makla, which means 'food' in Darija, which is Moroccan Arabic.


Makla is a restaurant that offers a unique marriage of traditional and modern cuisine. Our culinary passion blossomed in the heart of Morocco, with its strong Mediterranean influence, we honed the art of crafting dishes that are both delicious and healthful.

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Signature Dishes

Slow-cooked Tagines in Moroccan spices, just like Grandmas at home.

Wonderful Moroccan Spice blends are used to give levels and depths of flavours unique to Morocco.

Experience the hearty and warmth of flavours from our traditional Moroccan Tagines.

Follow with our Traditional Moroccan Tea, infused with Fresh Mint and Orange Blossom water, it's great for settling a full tummy after a delicious meal.


Indulge in our handcrafted Baklawa, featuring layers of sticky and sweet filo pastry, combined with ground pistachios and cashews.

Ideal treat meant for sharing.

Explore the delightful Moroccan desserts on our menu.

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Lunch Express

Ready to go for that quick power lunch?

Try our famous Street food wraps or for the Gluten free option, the fresh and satisfying Buddha Bowls.

Fresh ingredients, seasoned Salads and wonderful dips added with your choice of Protein on the side.

Treat Yourself!

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